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Discover how to lose weight and still 
  • Eat the foods you love
  • Boost your energy
  • Never count another calorie
and how hundred of women just like you have used the same research and science based method to lose 20, 50 and even 100 lbs or more
What is the mR40 Method Online?
The mR40 method is a health and weight loss program created by world renown health and fitness expert Mubarakah Ibrahim for women who struggles with their weight despite their best effort using four specific science backed methods to lose weight, decrease inflammation, re-balance your hormones and increase energy.
Who Is The mR40 method For?
If you are a woman who struggles with your weight,and you are trying to get your best body back or just lose those last 10lbs., I designed this program to make weight loss both easy and sustainable so you can look good and feel great!

Food Cravings?
Food cravings are a combination between hormonal imbalance and a dysfunctional relationship with food.  The mR40 method is a great way to eliminate food cravings and repair your relationship with food, by eating healthy fats that keep you satiated you and practicing specific mindful eating techniques (module 4 in your program).  
Pressed For Time?
I use to think that having a healthy lifestyle meant hours in the gym and massive 6 hour meal preps.  As a mom, wife and business owner... who has time for that?  My mR40 method shows you how to burn twice the calories by cutting your workouts IN HALF.  And eating so simply that NO meal prep is required.  You are no longer a slave to food and a prisoner at the gym.
Weight Gain?
We all know that losing weight can be both rewarding and incredibly frustrating. I've combined the most effective science-based methods to reprogram your metabolism to burn fat 24/7, no matter how stubborn your weight loss have been in the past.  By timing your meals properly and eating good fats and "detox" healing foods you are guaranteed to lose weight on the mR40 method plan
Low Energy?
One of the hardest things for many woman who want to lose weight, start exercising and living healthier is simply having the energy to add those things into an already busy life.  If you struggle with constant fatigue,  the sustained energy and mental focus you’ll experience with mR40 method can be life-changing.
What's Included in The Online Program


Help you take charge of your health and your life is what I do.  In this program I personally guiding your through the program with live video chats, motivation and information in our facebook group to so you'll always have a coach by your side.

Meal Plan & Recipes 

Understanding these science-based nutrition techniques and metabolic timing method literally resets your metabolism and melt fat off while enjoying quick, easy, & DELICIOUS Meals made with whole foods. 
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Success Journal

You Will Get Started in No Time and Learn How to Successfully use Everything right now.  Stay motivated by setting goals and tracking your amazing results as you watch your body and your health transform day by day and week by week. 
[Immediate access to PDF download]

Fitness Blueprint

Download the illustrated and detailed blueprint for the metabolic reconditioning exercises that can help you to nearly double your results. I've developed a "no excuse" exercise program that takes you less than 30 minutes a day 3-4 days a per week and you can do it from the privacy of your own home, with your own body weight and a couple dumbbells.
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Exercise Library

No More Guessing the proper form or getting hurt lifting weights. With Dozens of exercises demonstrated in proper form you will be able to do a safe and effective workout from the privacy of your own home with no need for fancy equipment.
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Member Only Website and Videos

With over 8 sections and more than 2 dozen modules of information and vidoes that discuss the specific nutrients the body needs for rapid weight loss and the science behind those nutrients, and how they help you lose fat, increase metabolism and become much more healthy and energetic. 
[Immediate access in exclusive members only website]

Online Support & Accountability

Access to a private facebook support group AND Access to the members only website with all your resources.You can learn from the tips and hints from other women just like you users who have already benefited from the program.

How Much Does It Cost?
The mR40 Method Online program is a one time $97 payment
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  • Success Journal: You Will Get Started in No Time and Learn How to Successfully use Everything right now
  • Complete Meal Plan Updated Every Month: Exactly what to eat and when to eat it. We keep it simple and full of variety. You DO NOT have to be a Master Chef to do this ;) 
  • Lifelong mR40method Friendships: A NEW Workout Plan MONTH: Never have to think about what to do in the gym again. Just pull out your phone and GO!
  •  Member Only Exclusive Accountability Group: Connect with the mR40 community, you will get to engage with women all over the world who actively participate to help motivate, encourage, and inspire each other!
  • Fat Melting Metabolic Reconditions Workouts: These quick, hyper-focused, easy to do, fat burning workouts will plans will keep your heart rate in the perfect fat burning zone.
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I Combined Science-Based Diet and Exercise Methods That’s Guaranteed to Melt Away Stubborn Body Fat and Reset Your Metabolism in 40 Days

Rapid, Healthy Fat Loss

The mR40 method teach you how to use healthy fats and healing foods to reprogram your metabolism to run on it's original metabolic fuel, fat.  You will train your body to burn its own body fat as its main source of fuel and once your body is adapted I'll show you how to easily maintain this while enjoying delicious foods.

Increased Energy and Mental Focus

Using intermittent fasting you will train your body to use your own excess body fat to produce energy instead of relying on the much less efficient glucose system that you are use to.  You will be thrilled with the level of increased mental focus, clarity and energy you gain without caffeine, sugar highs or supplements.

Reduced Inflammation and Detoxification

The mR40method is much more than just "another low-carb keto diet". By focusing on "healing foods" you will prime your body’s natural detoxification process and reboot your metabolic process to burn fat more efficiently while reducing inflammation, healing your gut and infusing your body in antioxidants and nutrient dense foods.
Get To Know Your Coach
Mubarakah Ibrahim

Hesitantly I share my #ketotransformation after all I’m a personal trainer, fitness expert and weight loss coach w 20 yrs experience. I’m not suppose to struggle with my weight. 


Starting in 2015 Life threw me several curve balls. I had a cancer scare which made me change course direction and close my business and go back to school. 

In the middle of that huge life redirect I was still a wife and mom and life continue on its own course. One of my children started to struggle with their mental health and everything including me began to spiral out of control. 

Once my child was stable, and school was over I struggled to lose the stress weight I gained. But not for the lack of trying. I followed my own diet plan and exercised 6 days a week yet my weight just would not budge. 
I went to my Dr and had her run a complete metabolic panel, test my thyroid and every other test we could think of .... TWO YEARS in a row. All was normal and my Dr said “it just comes with age, your lifestyle is healthy, you have no health issues so I’m not concerned”

I went to my Dr and had her run a complete metabolic panel, test my thyroid and every other test we could think of .... TWO YEARS in a row. All was normal and my Dr said “it just comes with age, your lifestyle is healthy, you have no health issues so I’m not concerned”

BUT I WAS CONCERNED. The same program that helped my clients collectively lose thousands of pounds over the years was not working for me ... and I created it 😳

That was a turning point for me. I began to understand that there is no ONE weight loss approach.

I pulled out my old college notes and started to look at the information on the science of #ketogenicdiet and started looking for more recent studies. I read and researched for nearly a year before I started to apply it. 

First I started to notice a difference in my energy and my mental focus and the scale finally started to drop...rapidly. 

As I began to apply the #ketolifestyle I knew this was what my book needed to be about. I literally scrapped an entire manuscript rewrote my book mR40 method, which lead to my online program 

I know keto diet isn’t for everyone but if you struggle with your weight and dieting and exercise alone barely moves the scale...

If you’ve tried everything but the weight seems to keep coming back... 

If you feel stuck in a cycle of trying, failing then giving up and repeating again... 

then go #Keto. 

I help women learn the science and practical application of doing Ketogenic diet as a lifestyle to lose weight, gain energy, improve mental focus and to maximize health potential. 

Mubarakah Ibrahim is a world-renowned nutrition and fitness expert, business coach, and sought-after speaker. She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show "Thirty-Something in America" and invited to the White House to have dinner with President Barack Obama for her contribution to health and fitness in America and honored to sit next to the president at a dinner for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  

Mubarakah has an academic background in Exercise Science, Psychology and Public Health-Wellness. She holds 13 certifications including certifications in Resistance Training, Female-Specific Training, Core Specific Training, Mat Based Yoga & Pilates. In addition, she holds both certifications and academic based knowledge in Sports and Exercise Nutrition.  
video samples
These and many more are available in the membership site
Video Module: Sleep and Weight Loss
Exercise Demonstrations
More Proof This Program Has Rapid Results
H.W. 21 DAYS Results
Summeyya's 4 Week Results
When I sign up am I signing up for something with a commitment, contract, or "cancellation fee"?
Nope. You can cancel your free trial or membership at anytime with zero charges or fees.
How do I cancel if I no longer want my membership?
Simply send an email to and we will help you take care of it.
I'm vegetarian, can I follow your meal plan?
Yes, In fact I have an entire 2 week meal plan that is completely vegetarian for those who choose not to eat meat
I'm vegan, can I follow your meal plan?
Sorry, the meal plan includes dairy so it won't work for a vegan diet
I'm gluten free, will this work for me?
Yes, most of the recipes and meal suggestions are gluten free
Do I have to buy a bunch of supplements after I get your program?
Nope. The meal plan is based on whole foods so it won't cost more than what you are spending on your regular grocery bill or going out to eat.
Do I have to keep up with counting calories?
No counting necessary! The eating plan programs your body to know when to stop eating and keeps you satisfied so counting calories isn't necessary.
What if I don't like one of the recipes or workouts?
Everything in the program is customizable. Once you find what you like you can substitute when needed.
What if I have more questions?
Simply send an email to and we will get back to you within 48 hours

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I truly look forward to hearing about your weight loss success using my new weight loss system.

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